Among the most read chapters in the entire bible this passage is dear to many hearts. Being used in weddings it reminds a HUSBAND how to LOVE their WIFE and a WIFE how to love their HUSBAND. What I would like to suggest today is that we go beyond looking at just the relationship we have with our significant others and spread the learnings from these verses to those around us.

In particular it needs to start with those in the church. Having just read through the passage on Spiritual Gifts in chapter 12 and how they build up the body I believe that PAUL is now focusing on the thought that LOVE is a SPIRITUAL GIFT for us all. Because of this, it must be used as GLUE holding the BODY of CHRIST together.

It is important that we discover and understand the spiritual gifts that GOD has given us. To do this you can ask me for a link to help you go through the process. But it is of utmost importance that we understand that JESUS has instructed us to LOVE one ANOTHER (John 13). How can you put this into play today? How are you allowing your own preference to get in the way of LOVE? Pray today that GOD shows you a way to put this into practice.