Growing up playing hockey I would have to say that one thing I will never forget are the inspirational speeches by some of my coaches. Whether they were denting a garbage can out of frustration of flailing their arms in the air trying to motivate the team there was passion in what they were saying. These speeches are memorable because of the impact they had on my adrenaline as I prepared to hit the ice in an attempt to defeat the opposition.

In this passage I picture Peter doing the same thing as he was writing. He understood that we are always in a spiritual battle as christians. The thing about this battle versus a hockey game is that the stakes are so much greater. Although the victory has been won through Christ’s death on the cross the battles we face will still be fierce.

Peter points out that the DEVIL is always in battle mode. “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

Having seen videos of what a Lion attack looks like I am reminded that Peter’s warning to stay alert. Research has shown that Lions have small hearts and lungs. Due to this lions need to stalk their prey and seldom charge until they are within 100 feet, unless their prey is facing away and cannot see the charge. If a potential victim is prepared and knows a pride of lions is close their best defence is to stay as far away from the lion as possible, always keeping an eye on where the lion is….staying alert to the potential attack.

This word for “STAY ALERT” in the original greek would have alluded to the opposite of drunkenness. In this context the author would have been alluding to the antithesis of spiritual drunkenness, which would be spiritual sobriety. Living a life where our lips do not even consider thirsting for something that would lead us away from staying alert. Always being prepared for what the devil has to through at us…resisting the devil be STAYING STRONG IN OUR FAITH.