We enter into Timothy as a Church with several conversations in the air. As Christ followers, attending Church can be both exciting (as we get to worship God) but also defeating. I have heard the voice of many people say that they will not set foot back into a church because of the latter. Why is it that Church as we know it today can feel defeating to so many people? I think LOVE is a key word here, or lack of it. Somehow church has become about us and not about the ONE WHO DIED for us.

Here in 1 Timothy we find the Apostle Paul mentoring his young protege. Paul sets out his purpose to Timothy very clearly.

1 Timothy 1:5 “The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a PURE HEART, a CLEAR conscience, and GENUINE faith.”

Some how LOVE escapes the walls of the church and is replaced with something else. Verse 6 shows that this has always been an issue…SOME PEOPLE HAVE MISSED THE POINT…..???????Have you missed the point…..of CHURCH????? What conversation are you a part of when it comes to church…the meaningless conversations or the one the builds up the church in LOVE.

Paul goes on to share how to sway towards LOVE and away from the former…..(verse 19) “Cling to your faith in CHRIST, and keep your conscience clear.”