I really appreciated the scripture reading this morning. In the midst of the business of life I find that my body is wearing down more everyday. Don’t know if you feel the same way but our bodies are not designed to handle stress and business. I think that is one of the reasons that the life to come is going to be so much better. We get a new body that does not give in to the pressures, not only that, but there will be not pressures.

Until that day comes we are called to represent Christ in whatever way that we can. With the privilege of helping lead a church like KBC comes the struggle of people thinking I am crazy for several reasons. Some of these reasons are good and some are bad.

My spirits were lifted away from all of this when I read verse 13. “If it seems that we are crazy, it is to bring GLORY TO GOD.”

I LOVE IT. I am justified for my crazy view points and thoughts about the belief that CHURCH can thrive in todays culture. That WORSHIP can not only just exist in a consumer culture but CHANGE it and the people within it. The NIV translation says that I might be “OUT OF MY MIND,” and if I was sane or in my right mind it would be for you and not GOD. I might be CRAZY….and OUT OF MY MIND but to HIM be the GLORY.