I often wonder if we have it right in North America. The pace that we live life is such that when we finally slow down, the next thing you know there is something else that we have to be at or to do. For many of us Monday feels like that.

As I drove to work this morning I decided to drive my wife to work at the hospital first and then take Foster Thurston toward the KV area. As I witnessed summer construction at its best I was able to get a perspective on the masses of people trying to make it to work. Lined up on the other side of the construction I would estimate that 3 KM’s of cars were waiting.

2 Corinthians 9 suggests that we are going to receive abundant blessing (verse 8) and that we will be enriched in every way (verse 11). It seems that as we toil with going to work everyday and pacing life with so much going on that there are times where it does not seem like a blessing or abundant. This can be witnessed in the eyes of the commuter waiting in a line of construction trying to get to work.

With trying to make ends meet in society today Paul calls us to a level of giving that seems unreachable for some of us. Give cheerfully Paul says in verse 7…but I worked hard for this.

The principle that I close my thought on with this is an illustration that my favourite preacher shared about tithing. When we want to hold on to so much we are less able to receive the blessing and abundant life that God has promise.