faithfulWell it’s March Break, and for our family it is going to filled with small little activities around the area. Maybe get some bowling in, go to the movie, get some things done around the house. I find that when it comes to times of rest like this we are often guilty of putting God on the back burner.

As I read this letter to Timothy from Paul I am in awe that even while in prison he still felt the need to pass on advise. For me, what stood out being in this week of rest is verse 8 – 13. While in prison Paul personalized the GOOD NEWS. Even though not a criminal according to Kingdom mindset he was chained here on earth like he was one. But the GOOD NEWS is that GOD’s WORD is not chained.

No matter what situation we find ourselves in, (March Break and Prison in Rome seem like pretty good examples of opposite)…IF we died with HIM….we live with HIM…..IF we endure…..we reign with HIM……..

Here is where March BREAK gets me…I don’t want to take a break from God too. I want to wake up every morning with the same routine…I don’t want to DISOWN HIM……because the consequence it an empty MARCH BREAK.

The GOOD NEWS beyond that is that if I am faithless in situations like this HE WILL REMAIN FAITHFUL.