Mark the Dates!

Fall is fast approaching at KBC and planning is underway for some fun events. Please mark the dates¬†below on your calendars now! You won’t want to miss any of these events!

  • September 1st: Bruno & Kathleen Soucy (our partners in mission)
  • September 8th: Kickoff Sunday
  • September 15th: No Excuse Sunday
  • September 28th: AmazinGrace Car Rally



An Ordination service will be eld for Micharl Waddell (our partner in mission) on Sunday, September 15th, 2019 at 6:30pm at Midland Baptist Church, 4 Upper Midland Road, Norton NB. If there are any questions email or text 506-434-4651.


Mission Trip

This October Bobbi Shannon, Eva Hull, and Richard Hull will be accompanying the Allabys to the Dominican for their annual mission trip. The group will be bringing medical supplies with them for their clinics. We as a congregation can help supply some of the needed items.

  • Acetaminophen- Costco Kirkland brand is the best buy
  • Vitamins- any kind, just not chewables
  • Tubes of ointments- available at the Dollar store
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste

We will be collecting these throughout the summer.



KBC Library

The library regrettablyrequests that donations to the library collection be suspended until issues with shelf space can be resolved.


Victoria Quilt Requests

Do have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer? If you are from within the KBC family contact Ruth Hanna at 849-9657. If you are outside the church contact Aura Scully at 1-506-523-9736. Please see information cards in the foyers.