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Welcome to Kennebecasis Baptist Church. Here at KBC we grow community by loving, following, and sharing Jesus. KBC has always been a place that focuses on family, no matter who you are or where you are in your walk with Jesus you always have a family to turn to here at Kennebecasis Baptist Church.

We began our story in 1985 where a group of thirty-three people gathered together at what was once called Rothesay Junior High School. This is where Kennebecasis Baptist started. Building a church around a family atmosphere, the church quickly grew into many homes where small groups, children gatherings, and bible studies took place. We moved from Rothesay Junior High School to Rothesay Elementary School, and onto Lakefield Elementary School with services being held every Sunday. September 1985, fifty-three people were brought on as the first members of the church while meeting in the music room at Lakefield Elementary School. We continued to grow our community through our love of Jesus.

In 1987, 8.5 acres of land was purchased where our building is now located. The first Sunday service was held in the new Kennebecasis Baptist Church building in 1989 at 383 Hampton Road. This building was filled with people of the community, creating a family atmosphere like no other. In our tiny building, we hosted many musicals and events. In 2003, KBC went through a major expansion adding a new lobby, gym, larger kitchen, and new offices. Some of you may know KBC as the Kraft Dinner Church. KBC has been serving Kraft Dinner to students from KVHS since 2002. Over our 18 year journey, our gymnasium has overflowed with students from grade 9 to 12 nicknaming us the Kraft Dinner Church. Today we continue with our Kraft Dinner Ministry reaching out to over 400 students from KVHS, with many graduates returning for the last KD day after university semesters finish in the spring. We continue to grow our congregation with members who care for each other like family.

While our church building has grown from the music room at Lakefield Elementary to our large building at 383 Hampton Road, we continue to cherish our family atmosphere. We continue to grow our church community with our family- oriented programming on weeknights and Sunday mornings. We have a heart for community and people, which you will discover with our welcoming culture. With a diverse age demographic, we have any new and long-term believers walking in our doors every week. Everyone is welcome at KBC as we open our doors to the community to access our facility.

Come join our family here at 383 Hampton Road. We’d love to have you!

Mission & VisionĀ 


“Allow God to transform KBC into a 360 church led by 90 degree leaders”


“Growing community by loving, following, sharing Jesus”