Kennebecasis Baptist Church Team

Our KBC team is composed of men and women who are committed to growing community by loving, following, and sharing Jesus. If you have any questions for the staff, feel welcome to reach out to any of them by email or call the church office.

Heather DeBouver

Office Administrator

Heather DeBouver is our Office Administrator. She looks after and assists in many aspects of KBC. You can usually find her in the Church office, but when she’s not behind her desk Heather is usually _______, ______. _________. Heather can be reached by phone at 847-5822 or through email by clicking HERE!

Bailey Carr

Next Gen. Ministry Director

Bailey Carr is our Next Gen. Ministry Director. She looks after youth programs from newborns to grade 12. You can usually find her at the Church, but when she’s not behind her desk Bailey is usually listening to music, teaching, or floating on the Belleisle Bay. Bailey can be reached by email by clicking HERE!

Carolyn McCavour

Director Secretary

Carol Flower

Director of Christian Education


Wayne Carr


Wayne Carr is our Maintenance man at KBC. Wayne looks after the church building and property. You can usually find him on the ride on lawn mower during the summer. When he’s not at KBC, Wayne is usually fishing, watching fishing. or dreaming of fishing. Wayne can be reached by phone at 847-5822.

Brian Stockford

Senior Pastor

Brian Stockford is our Senior Pastor here at KBC. Brian gives leadership and preaches Sunday mornings. Brian is married to Becky and had three children. You can find Brian in his office, but when he’s not behind his desk he is usually _______, _______, _________. Brian can be reached by phone at 847-5822 or email by clicking HERE

Patrick O'Neil

Head Director

Dale Haines

Director of Trustees