00020757_hActs 10 is among the most important game changing books in the bible for us as Gentiles. For those that are not quite sure what a gentile is, you probably are one. It’s everyone else….if you are not Jewish, you are a gentile. Up to this point the Jewish people thought that salvation was limited to them.

What I love about the book of Acts is that the first three individually documented stories of salvation are a SORCERER (Simon), an ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH (look up that definition), and a HIT MAN (Saul – Paul). Sounds like more of a start up to a joke then the front row people at a CHURCH. Now here we have Peter introducing the Gospel to a Roman Soldier. He was not doing this because he wanted to but because he was led to by the Holy Spirit.

At this point you can clearly see that the Gospel is not limited to a social class, a race, or those that we like the most. As believers we are called to listen to the Holy Spirit for whom HE wishes us to share the GOOD NEWS with or at least invite to church. At KBC we are continuing to work towards a church that people love to attend and be part of something special. In doing so it makes it easier for people to invite others. Pray today whom it is that you might begin to invite to church, maybe it is the EASTER service coming up in March. Or maybe it is a KBC kids program.

Either was the GOSPEL is for everyone and I thank God that He made that clear from the get go.