I often wonder what Paul’s reaction would be if he walked around my city or neighbourhood and came with a message to speak. Here we see Paul walking through Athens and it is clear to him that they have no idea who God is. Even with one of the statues have the plaque “To An Unknown God” written on it.

Paul uses this to present to those listening that the God of the universe is alive and is calling all humanity to repent through the belief in Jesus. He then identifies humans as God’s offspring which calls for a creator to be a living being. Paul used the circumstance of walking through a city filled with lifeless God’s to present on that is not only full of life, but is able to also defeat life.

Sometimes we do a good job of avoiding the desire to worship dead idols. What we do struggle as a culture with is prioritizing (idolizing) human “stars.” Like this past weekend and the NHL All-Star game, or next weeks Super Bowl, or in a few weeks it will be Daytona. Each of these will consume more of our time then we would spend worshipping the God of the universe. I wonder what Paul would say about this?

I am not saying that any of this is bad, since I will probably be spending quite a bit of time in front of the television in the next few weeks. But what I do is find Jesus in what I am actively participating in and try to focus my attention on Him and thank Him for the life that I get to live.