powerinthename2What I noticed in this chapter the most is that being Empowered by the Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus created a clear separation between those that had it and those that did not.

I was captivated by the scene where the Sons of Sceva were beat up buy one man in s street fight because they did not have the power of Jesus. I love the name of Jesus. When you say Jesus in a crowd heads will turn wondering who is saying it. Try it, just say Jesus in the mall and see peoples reaction.

It is not a reaction of frustration but of curiosity. The name of Jesus is the only name that garners that much attention. Say the name of Trump and there might be a different reaction but that name will soon pass away too.

Here is Chapter 19 we seen that the name of Jesus went on from causing this small little fight scene where the Sons of Sceva get beat up to a riot in Ephesus over the name of Jesus having power over Artemis.

What would happen if we spoke the name of Jesus more often in Canada? There is Power in HIS name. I have attached this video to help you through this day, let the words roll off your tongue all day long.