2014-02-06Here we find Paul on trial once again. Being able to bring a defence of himself Paul works hard at being honest and telling the truth about his situation. As a Judge Felix hears Paul out as he brings his defence.

Paul finds himself in a situation where he has to defend his actions about preaching the “Way.” What I find interesting about this is that standing before this Judge he chooses to bring a defence about striving towards keeping his conscience clear.

What I can not help but think is that there will be a day where Paul stands before the Judge of the whole world, and with that in mind we all will. When we are brought before that Judge it will not be the clear conscience that will save us, but the faith that we have in Jesus that will save us.

As you begin this new week of living out your faith everyday be like Paul and strive towards keeping your conscience clear with the thought that you are doing this because of you faith in Jesus.