Yesterday in church I shared how one of the hockey parents on my son’s team will often shout the words “MOVE YOUR FEET.” These words our meant as a reminder to his child that the most important part of good hockey is to continue to skate. It keeps you in the pace of the game and allows you to stay in the play. Often as Christians we are caught flat footed when it comes to life and lose out on great opportunities to be used by GOD.

Here in this chapter we see the first solo miracle that Peter performs. Basically his words to this crippled man were to “MOVE YOUR FEET.” And he did. But I wonder how the scenario would have been different if Peter would have had a few coins to give him instead. I find that as a Christian we often look for what we have to give of ourselves over what God has to give through us.

I am too busy or tired is often an excuse I hear. We may find that we have a lack of energy to give to God and the church, but we fail to look within and discover that God has given us so much more to serve out of. Next time you feel like you have nothing to give stop and pray seeking to find if there is something else that God wants to do through you. You and others may just be surprised to see the AMAZING things God wants to do through you.

I wanted to share the video that I try to play for you yesterday. The idea that I wanted to draw from this video is that this little boy believed he had the power to do something AMAZING, and when he was able to accomplish the unbelievable by starting the car, it ended up being DAD who intervened and it was his power (auto-start) that was essential to the “miracle.” For us it is pretty much the same thing, we just need to keep trying to so something awesome and God will use that and AMAZE us and others with HIS power.

Below is also the link to the PODCAST I referred to on How Marketing Created Rituals. The thought that I had here is that something that is common today had to start out with an idea somewhere. God used the Day of Pentecost and 12 men in the upper room to change the world. And He continues to do that through you and me.