maxresdefaultAmong the most faith building passages in the Bible I find this to rank up there.

Often people without faith, who are skeptical about the reliability of scripture, will try to say something along the lines of “the Bible is just a bunch of things written by man making up a story about Jesus.” It is hard to refute using the words alone that this could be true. But I know from my own life I have seen the resurrected Jesus work in awesome and mysterious ways.

When I am approached by people with this thought of uncertainty over the BIBLE I often turn to Acts 5 and point them to Gamaliel. This man had a great idea to suggest that what was happening with the disciples may just a temporary movement like similar ones of the past. Men like Judas the Galilean and Theudas had tried to change the world like Jesus did but failed. And in verse 38 and 39 he points out that if is is a human idea it will die like the rest of them….BUT IF IT IS FROM GOD….

Well 2000 years later we are still talking about it so my viewpoint is there has to be some reliability to the story. My faith points me in the direction that the difference between Judas and Theudas is that Jesus….being fully HUMAN….was different then them in that HE was also FULLY GOD…and in that HE was able to RAISE HIMSELF from the grips of death.

So to me I know the story is true…and is just as true today as it was when Gamaliel was having the discussion with the Pharisees about what to do with Peter.