PRIVILEGE….Might seem like an interesting word to put at the top of a devotional thought but this is the word that I can not get out of my head as I read Ephesians 2. Originally I felt that I would camp on verse 8-10 with a primary focus on the last verse but I kept reading.

As Christians we live with a sense of PRIVILEGE. What I mean by this is that sense that I have it all figured out as I am heaven bound. Because of this we are entitled to have things the way we want them and begin to see others as different then us. In this chapter PAUL reminds the reader “DON’T FORGET.” You used to be an outsider….

As a short lesson to those that do not know the difference between Jew and Gentile….if you don’t know which one you are… are a GENTILE. Unless you claim roots in the Jewish tradition you are part of the rest of us….the GENTILES. Up to this point in History these two groups never saw eye to eye and for the first time in history they are coming together with a common purpose…TO WORSHIP GOD through JESUS.

This Humble reminder by Paul to the Gentiles  that they were known as “uncircumcised heathens” helps put my privilege in place. Paul goes on to write that if it were not for the LOVE OF JESUS and the BLOOD we would be nothing. We would still be living apart from Christ as verse 12 says. BUT NOW you are united with Christ Jesus.

When we begin to think that things in life… like CHURCH…. should go OUR way we need to take a step back and realize that without the VICTORY of JESUS we would be nothing.