Let my people go so that they may WORSHIP ME. I love Summer….I love sitting on a deck or a dock and being still and pondering the wonder of creation….and WORSHIPING Jesus in the quietness. No work to go to, no schedule or deadline to meet.

Do you ever feel like you are too BUSY. Kind of a rhetorical question in North American society. As I read through the plagues that struck the Egyptians each time the request was to “Let my people Go so that they may WORSHIP ME.”

As slaves to the Egyptians every waking moment was spent building up the Kingdom of the Pharaoh. They were in chains and bonded to the the desires of the country that they were living in.

Each morning that we hit our snooze button to get that little extra sleep we are putting off the inevitable need to go to work so that we can make money so that we can have a house to sleep in and food to eat so that we can have energy to go back to work the next day. We all seem to be caught in this cycle.

As I ask people the question about finding time to read the bible or worship God through stillness the common response is that LIFE IS TOO BUSY. It is so true, I feel caught in that trap at times. We are slaves to busyness. In fact, someone shared with me an acronym for B.U.S.Y.  \

Brought Under Satan’s Yoke. 

As summer approaches I pray that each of us is able to find a time where God frees us from the slavery of busyness and gives us a dock or deck that they can sit on and WORSHIP HIM. As I close I want to leave you with Jesus’ words about the type of YOKE that HE offers.

Matthew 11:30 “For My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”