So I need to get back on track. I think I was one step ahead of people. The reading plan that we are on has us in Genesis 37, I was one day ahead. Sorry about that.

Today we are introduced to Joseph and the story of brotherly love…well not really. So far in the bible we have had one brother killed and another one deceived. Now we find Joseph left for dead and sold into slavery. Seems like a perfect start to a bible that would later stress the importance of Phileo…or brotherly love. As a brother growing up I was 7 years younger then my big brother. There were times where are relationship was such that I am sure he felt like giving me the same treatment as Able and at other times he felt like Esau with his younger bother getting all the attention

With all the struggles in life that we have had I believe that he would never wish upon me what the bother’s of Joseph did to him. Is there a life lesson in this…the only one I can think of is that as a younger brother I must be mindful that this is always a possibility. I need to respect the older brother and not speak of dreams that prove me to be the better.

Reading ahead we see that all things turn out for the good. I think that is the perspective that we need to maintain when sibling relationships get strained. All things ultimately work for the good, in the meantime we just have to put up with each other at times.