The FLOOD; it is a story that we have read and heard in Sunday School probably over a 100 times. The story read in the same light of knowledge from the past reads pretty simple. God was frustrated with mankind, Noah built a boat, rain came, dove, and a rainbow. As I read through the story today I prayed for a different perspective.

It did not take long for God to remind me of the type of God He is. In this particular situation you could not blame God for feeling that He could reboot. We all feel that way with things that we own. We are a throw away society. If something stops working our first instinct it to replace it by buying new. If our computer starts to run slow, we buy a new one. Even relationships are replaceable in today’s day in age.

Verse 5 shows God observing the extent of human wickedness and deciding that it was not worth saving. Verse 7 He states that he would scrap everything being sorry that He ever created.

And then there is one simple word that changes everything. The word, which is the simplest of words is at the root of the Good News. It is the word that sent Jesus to the Cross.


BUT…..NOAH found favor with the Lord. Because of one man God felt it was worth saving humanity. Had it not been for this one word BUT, we would not be here today.

The question that I have of myself and each of us. Will we, if in the same dire situation of the world frustrating God be seen as BUT people. Would God find favour in me that He would choose to change His course of action. I pray that I continue to do whatever it takes to be seen in the same light as Noah was.