I came to this passage with weak knees and feeble arms this morning (v.12) for I’d spent the day yesterday shamefully running from some hard tasks. However, now God commands me to run the race he’s designed for me today (v.1).

1. Look (with my peripheral vision) at the grandstand full of people just like me who ran well (v.1)
2. Look (with my finish-line stare) at Jesus who not only ran the hardest race but who ran it for me (v.2)
3. Resist sin (v.4)
4. Remember that it’s not hard because my enemy is in control of the course and is punishing me. Remember that it’s not hard because I’m an imposter athlete who should be on a couch instead of on the course. Remember that I’m a true child. Remember that my Father is the coach who is disciplining me. He knows exactly what will produce holiness, righteousness and peace in me. (vv.5-11)

This is it. We’re not in a sideshow or some meaningless preliminary fight. This is the main event. The faithful runners of Hebrews 11 were the opening acts. Now we’re centre stage. The salvation they experienced in coming out of Egypt and meeting God at the mountain in the temple sacrifices was just a foreshadowing of what has happened to me in Christ. (vv.14-27)

Let’s be thankful – that will get us and keep us in appropriate awestruck worship.