Being a parent I would have to say that it is really tiring at points yet it is the most awesome thing that I have ever been able to do. As a parent there are a ton of responsibilities that never seem to end. At times I just pray that I can have rest.

From reading Hebrews 4 when I first woke up today I was reminded that rest is available. Not only that but I was also reminded that I need to “tremble” that there are all kinds of friends, family, and neighbours that might not get to experience the eternal rest that the writer is talking about.

This eternal rest is offered through the death and resurrection of our High Priest (Jesus) and it is the word of God that is the defining measuring stick to help us understand where we stand.

As Christians we need to do “our best” to make sure we first enter His rest and then bring as many people into the conversation about what the scriptures say about salvation as possible.

If I might use the example of the oxygen mask on aircraft. The stewardess will always tell you…make sure that you have your mask on before trying to help someone else out.