Israel had just lost a good king and things weren’t looking so good, when Isaiah saw God, the King, on a throne, the throne.

If he isn’t, if God is not reigning, we’re cooked, we’re playing games, wasting our lives. But the good news of Christ’s gospel is that not only is God king but his kingdom – his ways, his life, his rule – has come to earth.

And it gets better: though the intensity and intimacy of his holiness destroys us, all of a sudden we find our sins atoned for and guilt removed.

And it gets even better: We are invited into partnership. We are commissioned to experience and to extend his will. And wonder of wonders we find ourselves confidently saying, “Here I am, send me.”

It might not seem like we do any good or that anyone is helped (or wants to be helped). Things may go from bad to worse until there’s nothing left but a landscape of stumps.

Keep reading. Keep believing. Keep obeying. Something comes out of one of those stumps (Isaiah 11). God’s kingdom always starts small.