maxresdefault-1Have you ever felt that you were done. That no matter what you did you were not getting out of a particular situation. There was no escape.

I wonder what Peter was feeling, here one of his good friends, James, had just been killed and Peter, it seemed, was next. BUT GOD was not done with Peter yet. Through the miraculous intervention of a Angel Peter was able to be freed from the grips of prison and walk out unscathed. Even later the man that wanted him dead we find his body later being eaten by worms. Because GOD was not done with PETER HE did what HE needed to do to set PETER FREE.

There may be times where you might feel that all is lost and that GOD has abandoned you. “I’M DONE” is all you can think of. There have been times when I have felt like that. BUT GOD is not done with you yet. HE will always find a way to take you out of the pit of despair and raise you up to accomplish great things if you let HIM. PETER could have ignored the ANGEL and wallowed in his sadness. Instead he got up and followed. God will do the same to you if you just follow HIS lead and walk out of the trap that feels like a prison of hopelessness.