As as church leadership we are reading a book called “it” by Craig Groeschel. It talks about How Churches and Leaders Can Get IT and KEEP IT. The premise behind IT is the Holy SpirIT.  Yesterday during church I felt that feeling that we as a church have IT. The stories that God prompted people to share spontaneously were powerful. My prayer is that we can do that more often.

Last night as I continued to read the book IT Craig asked the following questions “What are you doing to reach the LOST? When is the last time you had a LOST person in your home? Talk about the most recent spiritual conversation you had with a non-believer. Who are you praying for to receive Christ?”

This morning as I read Luke 13 I was once again reminded of these questions.

26Then you will say, ‘But we ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.’

ARE YOU GOING TO HEAVEN?For each of us our first priority is to make sure that this verse and the following statements that Jesus makes about the destination of those that do not have an authentic faith in HIM do not apply to US.

ARE YOUR FRIENDS, NEIGHBOURS, FAMILY MEMBERS, CO-WORKERS……..Going to HEAVEN? I am challenged by this today…and I pray that you are too. I won’t write much about this other to say read LUKE 13 again with each of the people that you come into contact with each day.