I love how gracious the father is when his son returns from his prodigal lifestyle. Although this is one of the most preached upon messages it never seems to be one that gets old. It’s awesome that the DAD was waiting with anticipation for HIS SONS return.

In all honesty FORGIVENESS never seems to grow old. No matter how many times I stray from the path that God has set before me he is always willing to welcome me back upon the lighted path with open arms. I also wonder if I were to put myself in the shoes of the brother whether or not I would treat the situation the same way.

In the church we tend to act more like the brother than we do the father. It is all about us and what we want. If this same father was in the church today….and many people do represent HIM….how would he treat newcomers to the church. How prepared would HE be for their arrival.

Today as you go about your day I pray that we can all respond to people that have done us wrong in some ways with the same LOVE AND COMPASSION.