Not only was Jesus sinless He was also one of the most intelligent and witty thinkers I have ever come across. For me personally there are times when I shut down my thinking process when someone asks me a question that I am not able to answer intelligently. Often my response would be to GOOGLE it.

The leaders of the religious community were trying to find ways to trip Jesus up. The image that comes to mind would be the serpent in the Garden. To Eve the question was asked “Did God really…..?” to which she fell into a spiral that lead humanity to where it is at today.

Here Jesus is asked a question by men who came pretending to be honest men….I wonder what an honest person looks like, or how he would introduce himself, “Hi Jesus….I am an honest man…look I am wearing…..(fill in the blank)….” because we all know that honest people where it. The question that was asked was about the tax that needs to be paid to Trudeau…I mean Caesar. Jesus’ answer is brilliant….look on the coin…whose face is on it…Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

So today it is Monday and our brains probably are not going to be able to process witty answers to tough questions. But the devil is going to try to distract us. My suggestions is to find a place where you can seek the answer in prayer. Walking away from a particular challenging situation might be the best option at time…go to Jesus…and then go back into the situation armed with an answer that has come after consultation with the one that has the witty answers.