Jesus’ first words as an adult recorded by Luke are, “It is written: Man does not live by bread alone.” (Satan and all the first readers could have finished that sentence – “…but by every word of God.”)

A theme of the rest of the chapter is the word of God. Though people are healed and delivered, Luke clearly makes the point that this is the result of the life-giving words from God, which Jesus has been anointed to proclaim. The word “preach” comes up a few times.

No doubt we’ve all consumed enough good food and drink in the last 24 hours to know that these physical elements do not provide us with the quality of life we hunger and thirst for.

More edibles are coming my way today, but my prayer for us all is that we’ll let God speak his creative, liberating, enriching, powerful, good-news words to our souls.

I get to share some of these words at tomorrow’s worship service. Hope you can come and be fed.