Popularity is growing and the crowds are gathering in masses to see Jesus and be AMAZED by what HE can do and what HE has to say. The privilege that the Disciples had to be with HIM at all times must have been taken for granted at some point. What I mean by this is that when they thought the boat was going down…even after seeing all the miracles that Jesus had done…they jumped to the conclusion…not that the boat was going to sink, but that they were going to DROWN.

Often we jump to the worst case scenario in life. I think that Jesus chastisement of the disciples about not having enough faith was based around this jumping to conclusions. I think we can learn a lesson from this. There are times where Jesus does test our faith to see if we jump to conclusions. I think Jesus would have preferred them waking HIM up and asking HIM if HE could of anything in that situation as opposed to “WE ARE GOING TO DROWN.”

When it seems that life has thrown you a curve ball don’t automatically assume you are going to strikeout.