This past Thursday our church experienced the opportunity to share with 75 kids the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Road to Resurrection was a huge success. For me I cherished the opportunity to not only witness KBC members bought in by decorating, acting, and providing for the program but also being able to walk the rooms with my youngest daughter.

I was blown away by the care that went into each destination. For those that missed it there were five rooms.

  1. The Triumphal Entry
  2. The servants quarters of the upper room
  3. The prison cell of Barabbas
  4. The soldier at the foot of the cross
  5. The Road to Emmaus

The destination that effected me the most was the prison cell of Barabbas. Reading this again in Mark 15 brought back the words that each child heard that night. Jesus, who is innocent, died in the place of the one who deserved it. As children watched Barabbas celebrate that he was going free they were shocked that he was chosen over Jesus.

In the scene Barabbas went on to tell the kids that not only was Jesus dying in the place of Barabbas, but he was also dying in the place of each one of us. How the story would have been different if Pilate would have let Jesus go free.