Have you ever started to watch a movie and as you are watching it you are reminded by some of what is going that you have already watched that movie? At that moment you begin to think to yourself, should I keep watching this movie? This happened to my wife and I last night. It took us about 5 minutes before we both began to remind each other of the story line. It was at that moment that we decided that it was a dumb movie and not worth continuing.

Then there are movies that you want to watch again, and as you watch those movies you see scenes in a new way. You see characters in a new light. You begin to see the movie, knowing the ending already, with a new appreciation.

As I enter into the book of Mark and read the first chapter I need to challenge my self to begin reading this book with a new appreciation. Knowing the end of the story should help me see each scene in a new way. Reading it again I want to see the characters in a new light. In doing so I want to be captivated by the story again. I want to read a verse about a situation and see it like with a desire to continue reading.

Sometimes we need a fresh start to the way we see Jesus. We need to be captivated by the GOOD NEWS. Like Mark 1:1 says ‘This is the Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.”