In a chapter that is filled with so many great teachings of Jesus I find it hard to draw out one thought. Let the little children come to me seems to be one that I can stop on. I could also focus on the viewpoint that Jesus has on divorce or how difficult it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. As I continue to read I find another Blind Man trying to get Jesus’ attention, and then I know, this is what I need to learn today.

Often culture around us causes us to stop calling out to Jesus. The busyness of life, bills, work place rules stating that you can not talk about your faith. Here we find this blind man named Bartimaeus calling out to Jesus and those around him telling him to stay quiet. Knowing that he probably only had one shot at getting Jesus’ attention this man shouted even louder, ignoring those around him who were persuading him to keep quiet.

When he does get Jesus’ attention it most likely is obvious to all around that this man is blind. Of course Jesus would also know that he was blind, he is THE SON OF GOD after all. What Jesus does here is interesting. Jesus asks a redundant questions of sorts, “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO FOR YOU?”

When we call out to Jesus we need to know what we are calling out to HIM for. On Monday I talked about each of us having a spiritual blindness. To be healed of this we need to admit our blindness (that issue that is holding us back from seeing Jesus). Although Jesus knows what it is that we need to be healed of HE wants us to speak the words. I am addicted too…….I have an anger towards…..I have a problem with……AND I NEED YOU TO HEAL ME OF IT JESUS.

What would it be like if we all admitted our need for Jesus, repented and accepted the healing that Jesus offers us through the cross. This EASTER as you prepared to celebrate the resurrection that makes all this possible…stop doing what you are doing and speak the words that will set you free from what is holding you back.