I hope people see me as a pretty easy going guy. With that said there are times where I catch myself being pretty opinionated. When I do find myself bringing an opinion I always pray that I have the greater purpose of the church and the Kingdom of Heaven in mind. Jesus finds himself in the midst of very opinionated people called Pharisees. As a pretty easy going guy Jesus is able to shut down the opinions of his advisories with relative ease.

In the church I find we fall into a rut where people can become very opinionated. Even just now as I said that someone got offended. For me I just pray that the Holy Spirit gives me the ability to respond like Jesus would.

Those opinionated people even got to the point where they accused Jesus of being possessed by the devil. Jesus’ response was such that there was no way that Satan’s kingdom could be built up if it was divided against itself.

There are two thoughts that come to mind here

  1. One of the reasons that a church has a tough time thriving is because people with opinions become opinionated people. Now there is nothing wrong about sharing an opinion but as Jesus points out in verse 4 “which is lawful on the sabbath; to do good or to do evil, to save a life or to kill.” The pharisees opinion was that nothing should be done on the sabbath, Jesus points out that doing something good on the sabbath is better then doing nothing…which at times can be evil. Opinions always need to be looked at with the filter of reason. 
  2. Second thought I have it that the devil is always going to be working overtime at dividing the Kingdom of Heaven. This means that when the church is thriving he is going to be working overtime to distract the momentum. We need to pray that we can overcome the struggles that satan throws at us and keep our eye on the vision set in motion.