Mark 8:22-26: I really love this passage and feel that it is one of those that is passed over when people read the bible. We all know that Jesus healed blind people but most people remember the clean version in John 9 where he made mud with spit. BUT here Jesus hauls off and spits right in the eyes of this poor man. It was not good enough that this man was despised here he now has saliva hanging off his eye lids. In a culture today whey spitting is GROSS and looked down upon we struggle with the fact that Jesus actually did this.

Quickly I want to share 4 thoughts and some day I will preach a message about this at KBC.

  1. Jesus led the blind man out of the city…..the lesson here is that each of us needs to be healed of something by Jesus. For HIM to do this He needs to be able to take us out of our current context. 
  2. Just prior to this passage Jesus warned His listeners about the corruption of the Pharisees. Connecting this to John 9 where Jesus calls the Pharisees spiritually blind is important to see for each of us. What is interesting here is that the blind man’s past is brought up and the question is asked…”who sinned that this man was born blind?” The answer that Jesus gives is that the blindness allows for the WORKS OF GOD can be displayed in him. The point here is that we are in need of being healed of our spiritual blindness so that the WORKS OF GOD can be displayed in us. For some of us it may be greed, impatience, anger, lust, etc……
  3. Being spit on by Jesus may be what it takes to have our spiritual blindness healed. Thing is, it takes humility and it is simply gross. We may not like the method that Jesus uses to heal us, but in the end being healed by Jesus is all that matters.
  4. Last thing is that when this man was healed from being spit on, the first person that this man sees is Jesus. When you become healed from your spiritual blindness and your eyes are opened the first person that you get to see is Jesus himself.

Ask Jesus to SPIT on you and you will see HIM Face-to-Face. Your spiritual blindness will be no more.