As we enter into the book of Philippians the one thing I want to remind each of us with is the personal touch that is given to this letter by Paul. Having established the church in Philippi during his first missionary journey this city held a special place in Paul’s heart. With that said his desire was to write a letter that would build the church up so that there would be UNITY.

If I would write a letter to the church of KBC it would be very similar to this letter. I have been blessed with the distance our relationship has gone since July. As a church we continue to journey towards this UNITY and I thrive knowing that Christ will be glorified in the Saint John region.

In chapter 1 Paul enters into the personal side of things and it is my hope that each one of us has the same desire. TO NEVER BE ASHAMED…TO BE BOLD FOR CHRIST…MY LIFE WILL BRING HONOR TO CHRIST. (verse 20)

What if each one of us at KBC had this same personal mission. I have seen it in so many and continue to look forward to seeing it in YOU. May God bless you as you continue the journey of discovering Christ in you.