I don’t consider my feet to be worthy of consideration for those of a foot model. In fact, I know my wife thinks they are pretty ugly (she is not a big fan of feet in the first place). I have heard some people talk about how beautiful their feet were but seldom would people consider them a highlight of their body. Interestingly, if you have any issues with your feet physically you are most likely going to have other physical issues that resonate up the rest of your body.

I would have to assume that people in biblical times would have had some pretty messed up feet. Today footwear is a multi-million dollar business. This coupled with spa treatments, pedicures, foot cream, foot bathes,….the list can go on and on. Paul probably wore sandals 99% of the time. His feet would have been cracked, dried, calloused, and at times bloody from long journeys. As he is writing this passage I wonder if he looked at his feet and said….”well, look at that, my feet are attractive….”

Romans 10:15 Paul writes that those who bring the Good News everywhere they go have beautiful feet. As we ponder what it means to have beautiful feet, pray that in some way God uses you to bring the Good News to your home, workplace, sporting arena, Sobeys…wherever your feet bring you.