The other day the kids and I got out the game UNO. Now as a kid I used to play this game all the time and I played in such a way that I never had to read the rules. It has been awhile since I had played the game so I felt that I needed a little refresher. So I opened up the instrustions and discovered that the way I always had played the game in the past was a little bit different then what I was reading.

For me I find Romans 12 as a good refresher to living the Christian life. It is a reminder to us as Christ followers on how to live life under the authority of Jesus.

  1. How to worship God (verse 1)
  2. Knowing God’s will for your life (verse 2)
  3. Humility (verse 3)
  4. The need to discover and use the gifts we have been given (verses 5-8)
  5. Take LEADERSHIP seriously (verse 8, 14-19)
  6. LOVE……authentically (Verse 9 – 10)
  7. Do something with your life (Verse 11)
  8. PRAY (verse 12)
  9. Do something for those in need (verse 13)
  10. Conquest EVIL….through Jesus Christ (verse 21)

Sometimes we just need a little refresher. If you are wondering if you are living a Christlike life read chapter 12 a few times over.