I can’t seem to get Finding Nemo out of my mind lately. It seems that this little movie about fish seems to have captured the mind of many around us as Finding Dory has hit the big screen. Having already grossed over $280 Million dollars it is quickly becoming one of the most popular movies of all time. As a family we sat down and watched the original in preparation for seeing the newest release. We have not seen it yet so please don’t spoil it for me.

In the first movie Dory uses a statement that I kept saying as I read Joshua 5-6 and the battle of Jericho. Just keep swimming….just keep swimming. On the 6th walk around the city the Israelites must have begun to think…our we there yet….just keep walking…just keep walking.

Often we find ourselves called to something that seems mundane and we give up before God has told us to stop. If you feel in a position where you are praying about something yet feel that nothing is happening….keep praying. God often desires us to follow through on commitment which shows faith before He acts.

What if the Israelites stopped walking, how would it have changed the course of History. Just Keep Swimming…just keep swimming.